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SheBooks launches with contests and stable of writers

Shebooks launched Jan. 2 and now has 12 e-books and some top rankings in Amazon's hot releases.

Silicon Hills crowdfunds print magazine overshot its Kickstarter funding goal and will launch a print magazine at the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin.

BOXX makes its match with crowdfunding

Tasked with raising $2,000 to leverage a matching amount, Boxx Magazine has turned to GoFundMe and to Eventbrite to help make the match.


News Chops Report

News Chops

Nola Vie partners with public radio

Public broadcasters are finding new ways to engage in more local journalism, especially more investigative and enterprise journalism, than ever before. See how New Orleans does it.

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Carolina Public Press partners with all media in the state

CPP spearheads investigations, trains journalists from around the state, and shares content across the board with any news organization that wants it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When do applications start for 2014 funding? 

A. Funding from the McCormick foundation ended in 2013 for the NWME program. We are seeking other sources, but unfortunately the program will no longer accept applications until then

Q. I’ve been working on a Web site / print publication / TV show / radio show for a year now. Will NWME fund it?

A. NWME was created to help start new projects, rather than support existing ones. If your project is less than a year old (launched since Jan. 23, 2012) or if you wish to create an entirely new venture that is related to your existing project, you are eligible to apply for NMWE funding.

Q. My site is already up and running, can I still apply for funding?

A. It depends. If your project is less than a year old, you are eligible to apply. With the pace of new media developments, we understand that some Web sites or apps will have already launched or may be up in beta. We also welcome new features or concrete enhancements that would take existing projects to the next level.

Q. I’m a fountain of ideas. Can I submit more than one application?

A. Sure, so long as you and your ideas are original and meet eligibility requirements.

Q. Does my entire team need to be FEMALE?

A. NO. The main applicant, the leader of the project, must be a woman. But you can certainly partner with, employ or sub-contract to male content producers, Web developers, graphic designers, programmers and others.

Q. Are there constraints on how I raise my $2,000 in matching funds?

A. You may raise those funds from grants or awards, investors, earned income or any other route. You must, however, be able to document that you have received those funds.

Q. Can I simply pay myself $14,000 for my time?

A. Yes, but. How you spend the money is up to you, as long as you explain it in your proposal. The judges, however, will be looking at your overall plans for building and marketing your projects and for how effectively you are employing your resources. Also, be mindful that NWME might be taxable income for you and there is no withholding of taxes.

Q. How will the award funding be conveyed to me?

A. If you or your organization is a nonprofit, an organization with a 501(c)3 or other nonprofit status designated by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or if you wish to use a non-profit organization as a fiscal agent, we can convey the funds as a grant.

If you are an individual or have a business that is incorporated, we can award the funds as subcontract, from American University. J-Lab is a center of American University. Your NMWE proposal will serve as your scope of work for the subcontract. Check with your accountant about whether these funds would count as taxable income that you may have to declare.

Q. Do you pay indirect or overhead costs to universities or other fiscal agents?

A. NO. Fiscal sponsors may not take a percentage of New Media Women funding.

Q. Are international projects eligible? What if I get a U.S.-based nonprofit fiscal agent to sponsor me?

A. The NMWE initiative is a pilot project. At this time, only U.S.-based projects are eligible for funding.

Q. Why will NMWE not fund personal blogs or underwrite documentaries?

A. NMWE funding is intended to be start-up funding for projects that can improve or help re-define journalism. The funding is intended to help start projects that will launch within one year and that have promise of continuing once the NMWE funding has ended.

Q. I am currently employed by a newspaper/ radio or TV station Can I apply independent from my employer?

A. YES. You may apply as an individual entrepreneur. You may wish to give your employer a heads up that you wish to apply.

Q. I’m part of a team applying for funding. Do we submit separate applications or answer the questions together?

A. We expect to receive many proposals that are efforts between two or more journalists or organizations. If this describes you, please submit a single application, answering biographical questions for each key participant in the project. If your collaboration is selected, only one person, organization or entity will be the point of contact and funds recipient.

Q. When will you announce the winners?

A. Judging will take place by early March. Winners will be contacted in early spring.