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Catherine Mulbrandon
Founder Catherine Mulbrandon seeks to expand her's website and create Illustrated Guides that contain infographic explainers using economic data that help journalists, teachers, students, financial bloggers and citizens understand economic numbers and policy. The NMWE award supplements $14,000 raised on Kickstarter.

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Two Presentations Amid a Busy December

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Even with the holidays and travel I was able to give two presentations in December. The first was at a design lecture given each month in Brooklyn, NY, called Creative Mornings. I have attended this lecture series many times but this was my first time as a presenter. I was able to show to an audience of designers and developers the income-inequality graphics I presented at the Big Picture conference in October. The feedback was both positive and curious about what the data means. As I put the collection together it is clear that biggest hurdle in front of me is linking the graphics together to help people see the connections between them. 

The second was an informal "lunch talk" about the best practices in data visualization at the Congressional Budget Office in Washington, DC. I fielded a lot of questions afterwards from the 25-30 people who attended. There is movement within the CBO to create more infographics with their data, which I was happy to see. One of the goals for my project is to post more behind-the-graphic background information about the techniques for my data graphics since there is too much data for one person to tackle.

On a side note, one tip I would like to pass on if you have a Macintosh computer try experimenting with OmniGraphSketcher. There is a free trial. They don't have a lot of graph types but I like it for creating simple, clean graphs and diagrams.

   • Posted by Catherine Mulbrandon on 01/04 at 03:54 PM

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