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Erin Polgreen is a media strategist and consultant, as well as an advocate for comics journalism and media innovation.

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Symbolia, headed by Erin Polgreen, strives to be the ideal place to foster the growth of comics journalism, engaging a new generation of news consumers in a way that is exciting and accessible. Symbolia will mesh first-person reports, infographics and comics by pairing reporters and comics artists. Regular alerts via Twitter and e-newsletters will keep Symbolia on a bi-monthly schedule.

New Milestones!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Live Long - SymboliaMilestones Managed!
Symbolia has passed some major milestones in the past few months, as you can see from the images accompanying this post. Our preview issue will feature four blazingly colorful stories from a variety of creators, including Sarah Glidden’s sensitive exploration of life in Iraqi Kurdistan, Susie Cagle’s opus on California’s Salton Sea, and Andy Warner and Lauren Sommer’s investigation into the microflora in your gut.

In the press
The Chicago Tribune's Christopher Borrelli, who recently covered Chicago's growing comics journalism scene, had this to say about contributor Susie's story (Warning, the link requires a digital subscription.):

"...It condenses environmental degradation and class difference, history and anxiety, empathy and anger into about two dozen bright, smartly illustrated pages, painting a literal, graspable narrative of a complex subject."

Speaking of press, I was also profiled recently by the Society for News Design. It was a really fun Q+A--my favorite part was explaining what “symbolia” means:

What does Symbolia mean?
Symbolia is an old term from the comics world. It references the use of a glyph or image to represent an idea or action–like a lightbulb as a visual equivalent of an idea. The term is really representative of what I want the magazine to be: a multi-sensory way of experiencing information.

What now?
I'm pleased to announce that we're in the final phases of testing our app, and will be announcing an official launch date soon. I’ll also be talking comics and journalism at ONA12 with Dan Archer, Susie Cagle, and Wendy MacNaughton. Tweet @SymboliaMag if you’d like to meet up and see our first issue!

Finally, I want to give a huge shoutout to Joyce Rice, Symbolia's Creative Director. Her distinct visual stylings and technical wizardry are unparalleled. She's a phenomenally dedicated partner and really helps make Symbolia tick.

   • Posted by Erin Polgreen on 09/18 at 10:31 AM

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