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Erin PolgreenErin Polgreen
Erin Polgreen is a media strategist and consultant, as well as an advocate for comics journalism and media innovation.

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Project Blog: Symbolia

Symbolia, headed by Erin Polgreen, strives to be the ideal place to foster the growth of comics journalism, engaging a new generation of news consumers in a way that is exciting and accessible. Symbolia will mesh first-person reports, infographics and comics by pairing reporters and comics artists. Regular alerts via Twitter and e-newsletters will keep Symbolia on a bi-monthly schedule.

Symbolia Expands to Kindle Fire

Thursday, May 09, 2013

As part of an expansion strategy, the comics journalism venture Symbolia is now available on the Kindle Fire e-reader.

Three issues, including their free preview called How We Survive, are available for download, providing readers with a panel-by-panel visual experience.

Kindle Fire is the third way in which users can access Symbolia, which is also available on the iPad and in PDF format.

Next in line is a Symbolia Android app slated for release in summer 2013.

   • Posted by Erin Polgreen on 05/09 at 10:02 AM