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Sarah Toce is a nationally acclaimed journalist and editor who has interviewed and profiled many of the world's most influential players ranging from high-level politicians to A-list celebrities, health experts, and key gay rights advocates.

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The Seattle Lesbian is run by journalist Sarah Toce. The daily publication provides a hitherto unseen source of multi-layer news for the LGBT community, covering everything from news to sports, entertainment and more via their website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

A 2012 Wrap-up

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The end of 2012 saw a spike in readership and public interest in The Seattle Lesbian. Writers began sending emails to our info account asking to be considered for the team. An advertising executive wondered if she could help with our marketing. Key media partners proposed story assignments that would benefit not only The Seattle Lesbian, but their own ventures as well. We were being invited to events around the country for media trade. All of this to say that The Seattle Lesbian was on the radar and definitely in high demand and, to be quite honest, it became a bit tough for one person at the helm to handle, but we made it through! Being busy is good, right?

With that said, I needed staff…quickly. Thankfully, I had a great stack of candidates to choose from and we added five new writers to the team. While there isn’t a budget to pay them yet, we are able to offer some pretty awesome incentives to make their work interesting and well worth their time. We developed a private Facebook group in order to share story assignments and ideas and talk about upcoming events and features. Workflow is starting to become a bit more manageable and, being the creator of this modern magazine, let me tell you: it’s a dream come true.

I always envisioned a community paper that could be accessed from anywhere in the world because of universal content that is not just understood and felt locally, but also nationally and internationally. That requires a team effort because, although I think I am superwoman, I am not. No one person can run a ship alone. Learning how to delegate content and resources has been a learning experience for me and I am much better for it…and so is the paper.

2013 is the year I see The Seattle Lesbian blossoming in its own skin, so to speak. We are well on the track to making it happen: our readership numbers are the highest they’ve been in December since we started two years ago. Our advertisers are coming back around for second and third ad deals and we have a host of new ad partners as well.

Dedication, hard work, perseverance, and the faith in the community has paid off for The Seattle Lesbian. We could not have asked for a better end of the year.

   • Posted by Sarah Toce on 12/20 at 01:53 PM

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