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Selena Fragassi Jordan Young Boxx Magazine
Jordan Young & Selena Fragassi

Boxx Magazine

It is Boxx’s goal not only the most comprehensive site for women in music but also the most encouraging site moving beyond barriers of genre, gender, age, race, or any other physical trait. Music is about more than an image.

Diane AlverioLatino News Network
Diane Alverio

Latino News Network An eight-month-old Connecticut-based news site serving English language-dominant Latinos that will expand to Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 

Rachel GreenfieldPeggy NorthrupLaura Fraser


Rachel Greenfield, Peggy Northrup & Laura Fraser

Shebooks An e-publishing, profit-sharing platform to be developed for quality, long-form journalism, memoir and fiction by women writers. 

Michele KayalBonny Wolf
Carol GuensburgDomenica Marchetti

American Food Roots
Michele Kayal, Bonny Wolf, Carol Guensburg & Domenica Marchetti

American Food Roots A StoryCorps-like initiative to tell the nation’s cultural, historical and personal food stories in video, audio and text.