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Project Blog: Parent Pathway

What began with five mothers in California supporting each other through their children’s drug addictions has turned into an organization devoted to the idea of arming parents with information on how to handle the treacherous waters of substance abuse. This site will allow users to pose questions to experts, find resources, schedule meet-ups and share stories.

We’re in the Home Stretch

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It is an exciting time for our project!  We are nearing our launch goal of May with many activities to complete in order to make it to the finish line.  It is a wonderful place in the process when you get to view the full website and see your wireframe come to life.  We’ve spent countless hours mocking up the wireframe and reviewing pages and graphics; seeing it in its full implementation is just magical!

Last week we had a meeting with our web developer to review where we are and what we need to complete to go live with our website.  As we all know, there are multiple dimensions involved when developing an on-line social media environment.  Our web developer has approximately 80% of the website complete, but our team has about 70% of content to create or finalize, along with processes to complete to manage the administration once in production.  We have reviewed the areas where the content was complete and developed a plan to populate the remaining areas.  This translates into actions ranging from formatting content that we have completed and sending it to the development team or creating some new content entirely.

After meeting with the developer, we held our business meeting to review where we are and how we would complete the various tasks.  The team is very excited and enthusiastic about the impending launch, but we are all aware that we have a lot of work to do.  Just as we created a plan with the developer, we have created a detailed plan with owners to complete the content side of the equation.  During the coming week we will also obtain access to the website in order to give the full team an opportunity to review and test our pages. 

On the project management side, we have had to make some difficult decisions on what features we can afford at this first phase of the implementation.  We have a vision for our site that will require higher levels of funding.  Our strategy is to get as much functionality with this first phase as possible in order to create value for the parents who will access our site.  Then we will be able to drive value and have a working model that we can use to attract funding from angel investors.  Over the past month we have begun to engage in conversations with a local venture capitalist to understand the local angel investment landscape here in our region.  There are many options and possibilities to explore!

   • Posted by Kim Box on 04/26 at 04:12 PM

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