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Sharon Litwin
Sharon Litwin is president of Partnership for Action (PFA) a non-profit organization created in 1997 by a diverse group of women for the benefit of the City of New Orleans. She is co-founder of NolaVie, a new website dedicated to covering and promoting the full breadth of New Orleans’ unique culture. NolaVie is a project of PFA.


Renee Peck
Renee Peck spent three-plus decades working as a feature editor and reporter for The New Orleans Times-Picayune, covering everything from food to TV to home and garden.

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Project Blog: NolaVie

New Orleans’ vibrant culture takes center stage with NolaVie, an unusual public/private partnership to cover arts and culture and publish it on, the Times-Picayune newspaper’s website. NolaVie will be populated by experienced journalists and members of various cultural organizations and be run by a local businesswoman and former editors and writers at the newspaper.

NolaVie, Busy Behind the Scenes

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Exciting news: NolaVie, an arts and culture site for New Orleans, will premiere online Feb. 21.  It’s amazing how many meetings, lunches, coffee dates and decisions go into connecting the dots in a project like this. 

As site creators, we have been meeting almost daily with possible contributors and potential partners - everyone from the editor of the local paper to a mover-and-shaker in the marketing world, to a host of 20-somethings who have moved in after Katrina determined to make an impact. We’re even working with fellow New Media Women Entrepreneur awardee Retha Hill on providing content for her black history mobile application. More on that in a moment. 

Pulling together all of these loose threads and weaving them into a compelling tapestry is proving to be part juggling act and part the power of persuasion.

As the site launch approaches, we are collecting names and email addresses at so users can receive word as soon as the site is up and running.  Meanwhile, we have a number of concrete achievements to report behind the scenes.


   • Posted by Sharon Litwin on 01/11 at 01:55 PM