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Sharon Litwin
Sharon Litwin is president of Partnership for Action (PFA) a non-profit organization created in 1997 by a diverse group of women for the benefit of the City of New Orleans. She is co-founder of NolaVie, a new website dedicated to covering and promoting the full breadth of New Orleans’ unique culture. NolaVie is a project of PFA.


Renee Peck
Renee Peck spent three-plus decades working as a feature editor and reporter for The New Orleans Times-Picayune, covering everything from food to TV to home and garden.

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Project Blog: NolaVie

New Orleans’ vibrant culture takes center stage with NolaVie, an unusual public/private partnership to cover arts and culture and publish it on, the Times-Picayune newspaper’s website. NolaVie will be populated by experienced journalists and members of various cultural organizations and be run by a local businesswoman and former editors and writers at the newspaper.

No Small Challenge

Friday, August 13, 2010

Putting a new website together and ensuring its content and financial sustainability is no small challenge. NolaVie founders and early supporters, having been honored with a grant from J-Lab, have met several times over the past weeks to discuss aspects of website design and content subject matter, as well as to put together a realistic business plan.

Receiving a grant has definitely pushed us “off the cliff” and into concerted action which, for us, means really establishing some “rules of the road” for content providers. Recent discussion have included a number of key questions: who are the key providers; how are they to be presented; how often can they be presented; how do we design a benefit package for organizational members; what are the intellectual property issues to be considered, what would be the most attractive benefits for organizational members, among many other issues.

On Thursday, July 15, 2010, a meeting was held of the trustees and members of Partnership for Action, the umbrella not-for-profit agency of NolaVie. While a number were out of town on vacation or business, more than 20 members appeared to hear and discuss the NolaVie project. After a thoughtful and exciting discussion, they endorsed the project and approved the new slate of officers nominated: Sharon Litwin, President (and co-founder of NolaVie); Renee Peck, Vice President (and co-founder of NolaVie); Jackie Sullivan, CPA, recently retired Deputy Director of the New Orleans Museum of Art, Treasurer; and Constance Charles Willems, attorney and honorary consul of the Netherlands in Louisiana, Secretary.


   • Posted by Sharon Litwin on 08/13 at 12:42 PM