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Sharon Litwin
Sharon Litwin is president of Partnership for Action (PFA) a non-profit organization created in 1997 by a diverse group of women for the benefit of the City of New Orleans. She is co-founder of NolaVie, a new website dedicated to covering and promoting the full breadth of New Orleans’ unique culture. NolaVie is a project of PFA.


Renee Peck
Renee Peck spent three-plus decades working as a feature editor and reporter for The New Orleans Times-Picayune, covering everything from food to TV to home and garden.

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Project Blog: NolaVie

New Orleans’ vibrant culture will take center stage with NolaVie, an unusual public/private partnership to cover arts and culture and publish it on, the Times-Picayune newspaper’s website. NolaVie will be populated by experienced journalists and members of various cultural organizations and be run by a local businesswoman and former editors and writers at the newspaper.

Ten Partners and Pop-up Events

Thursday, January 12, 2012

After its first full year, has partnership agreements with ten New Orleans cultural and arts groups, a discrete website and a page on The Times Picayune’s

And the newspaper in late 2011 has now agreed to reverse publish some of the stories appearing on NolaVie in its printed editions.

The arts groups provide money and content in exchange for increased visibility. For example, employees at Nola Art House Music contribute pieces about jazz to NolaVie. The two partnered to host a holiday jazz concert in December 2011 and teamed up to host another jazz performance in January 2012.

Other creative events NolaVie has dubbed “pop ups.”

For example, its Visual Arts popup in October 2011 featured photography and painting exhibits and one local’s installation piece. The event was held in conjunction with monthly art openings in the budding St. Claude arts neighborhood.

More than 200 people attended NolaVie’s “multimedia interdisciplinary pop-up” event. Held on a local float-making warehouse, the pop-up highlighted fashions by an up-and-coming designer, a NolaVie writer’s “poetry-to-go” and music by a popular DJ. NolaVie hosted the event on Nov. 11, 2011 and made the most of the unique calendar day, charging $11 and wrapping up at 11 p.m.

NolaVie’s creative writing competition held in March 2011 drew more than 150 entries, many from well-known authors and poets in the community. 

NolaVie, a New Media Women Entrepreneur awardee in 2010, has published more than 700 stories by some 100 writers and photographers since it launched in February 2011.  The interactive site focused on New Orleans’ quirky culture is able to maintain a prolific presence because it publishes at least two pieces a day by both professional and occasional writers, many of whom work pro bono.

NolaVie is covering topics including arts, literature, cultural institutions, events, music, food and other lifestyle issues. In doing these original pieces, they’ve created a cultural clearinghouse of sorts, highlighting organizations, visual and performing artists, writers, photographers and bloggers.

   • Posted by Sharon Litwin on 01/12 at 04:54 PM

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