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Sharon Litwin
Sharon Litwin is president of Partnership for Action (PFA) a non-profit organization created in 1997 by a diverse group of women for the benefit of the City of New Orleans. She is co-founder of NolaVie, a new website dedicated to covering and promoting the full breadth of New Orleans’ unique culture. NolaVie is a project of PFA.


Renee Peck
Renee Peck spent three-plus decades working as a feature editor and reporter for The New Orleans Times-Picayune, covering everything from food to TV to home and garden.

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Project Blog: NolaVie

New Orleans’ vibrant culture takes center stage with NolaVie, an unusual public/private partnership to cover arts and culture and publish it on, the Times-Picayune newspaper’s website. NolaVie will be populated by experienced journalists and members of various cultural organizations and be run by a local businesswoman and former editors and writers at the newspaper.

NolaVie laisse les bons temps rouler

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

NolaVie is self-described life and culture blog in New Orleans - so the month of Feburary was a busy time for the site. NolaVie implemented a special section of their site to organize their 25+ Mardi Gras stories, ranging from King's Cake cocktail recipies to photo galleries from some lucky float riders. Other articles like Five tips for making better bad Mardi Gras decisions showed that NolaVie was willing to report on the more debaucherous side of Mardi Gras.


NolaVie co-founder Renee Peck live-tweeted the event, proving that journalism in New Orleans can be one of the most fun jobs around.


Visit their website to see the photo gallery.

   • Posted by Chris Holt on 03/05 at 01:45 PM

Nola Vie partners with public radio

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Public broadcasters are finding new ways to engage in more local journalism, especially more investigative and enterprise journalism, than ever before. See how New Orleans does it.

   • Posted by Jan Schaffer on 03/04 at 01:35 PM