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An eight-month-old Connecticut-based news site serving English language-dominant Latinos that will expand to Massachusetts and Rhode Island. In addition to a daily site, LLN also provides its news articles at no cost to other English-language media partners to ensure the stories reach as many readers as possible. The founder is Latino journalism leader Diane Alverio.

Helping to Transform Latino Communities in New England

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The concept of expanding our successful English language to two neighboring New England states was just that – an idea until the ‘assist’ we received from J-Lab and the McCormick Foundation.  We received much media coverage for the award, and our first site, was recently featured in Connecticut Magazine as one of the transformative agents of change in the state’s Latino community.

While our first online news site launched in July, 2012 and is already paying for itself and growing in readership, the J-Lab grant provided us with a comfortable time frame to establish the Rhode Island and Massachusetts sites, so we would have time to develop advertising for them.

Our first order of business was to identify launch date – Summer, 2013 and then create a work timetable.

We have already begun discussions with our web designer, who is beginning to create the two new additional portals, and  While some content will be shared, other original content will be state specific or region specific which we believe will be the easiest part of this expansion.  That’s because, what is most challenging at this stage is designing the three sites so that while they are three distinct portals, they must be linked together for content management purposes, and especially for contact information, which includes everything – even our e-mail addresses must be changed.  

We feel strongly that to be successful all three sites must have their own identity so as to encourage ownership and pride by the Latino audiences in those states. So from a marketing perspective, we want to brand them individually. However, for business management purposes, the parent company, Latino News Network – Southern New England, must be the single “landing” site so to speak.

While the technical aspects of the site are being addressed, we are working on new sales kit, which is all encompassing, as well as a new business logo for Latino News Network.  (As you can see, we have only the logo available to us at the moment.)

It is an exciting time for our small but dedicated team. There's lots of work ahead in the next two months, but it will be well worth it.

We’ll keep you posted as to our challenges, successes and, we hope, not too many failures on this project.

   • Posted by Diane Alverio on 05/08 at 11:38 AM

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