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Building on a successful report on the safety of shopping carts, a team lead by social media expert Kelby Carr will focus on other investigations using a network of mom bloggers. This cadre of Internet users is among the most connected and active, sharing stories and information virally. Led by two part-time workers, the network will help crowdsource stories. Carr, who also runs the Type-A Mom forum and conference, has been named one of the most influential women in social media.

Steady Rhythm

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Investigative Mommy Blogger is getting into a steady rhythm of producing content and increasing readership. We have breaking news posts six days per week from two writers that were hired. The investigative piece on children’s meals at popular chain restaurants, which received several comments and hundreds of page views.

Awareness of the site is also increasing, with the typical traffic increasing from about 300 page views a month to more than a thousand a month.

I also held a promotion to build awareness with mom bloggers at my Type-A Parent site. My main goal was to build email feed subscribers to generate some return traffic from readers who get the daily news in their inbox, as well as boosting Investigative Mommy Blogger’s numbers on social networking sites. Here are some of the increases due to the promotion:

  • Email feed subscribers increased from 24 to 104
  • Facebook page likes increased from 90 to 175
  • Twitter followers increased from 46 to 158

The biggest challenges remaining have been getting regular investigative posts and generating revenue. I am now seeking freelance investigative article queries in the hopes that accepting articles from a larger pool of bloggers with journalism backgrounds will step up the number of pieces we have that are investigative and not simply breaking news. I am also researching options for seeking 501(c)3 status for the site, as that would open up options for seeking funding that are not an option for profit ventures.

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Kelby Carr is the founder and host of Type-A Mom Conference. She is a writer, a pioneer of the social mom blog, SEO and social media consultant, and former investigative newspaper reporter turned new media mom.

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