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Amy Pennington

AMY PENNINGTON is a food writer, garden enthusiast and producer for a food-related radio show out of Seattle's KIRO.

Jen Lamson

JEN LAMSON has led numerous grassroots nationwide citizen action campaigns to promote buying from local food producers.

Kristin Hyde

KRISTIN HYDE created and implemented media strategies around the development of the first national organic standard.

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Project Blog: The Good Food Fight

This project will connect consumers interested in food with larger public policy issues that affect food choices, security, safety, health and sustainability. Partners Kristin Hyde, Jen Lamson and Amy Pennington will use their deep experience in policy, marketing, journalism and digital campaigns "to leverage the growing concern and interest in food with a call to arms."

A New Team Member

Thursday, January 28, 2010

We are still celebrating the addition of Angela Garbes to the Good Food Fight team this year to lead our effort to build and launch our site over the next few months.  Angela attended Barnard College and graduated with a creative writing concentration from Columbia University, and has spent the bulk of her career to date as a writer and editor for a variety of newspapers, magazines, publishers and organizations.  Most recently her food column “Eat & Tell” ran in Seattle’s independent weekly The Stranger, and her daily blog posts on the food industry, reviews, and coverage of national and local food politics appear in the Seattle Weekly’s food blog Voracious.  Just this week Angela was asked to do food writing for PubliCola, a blog about Seattle by journalists which debuted in January 2009 to fill the void created by the collapse of print media and already called a “must-read” by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and named as a hot “New Media Mover and Shaker” of 2009 by Seattle Magazine.

imageBut more importantly for us, back to what Angela is doing for Good Food Fight!  Angela is leading our team in the process of making final decisions on the content, communication and engagement tools of Good Food Fight.  Together we are working through a few remaining critical questions that will determine the issues, audience, size and scope of the project. For example, what are the key issues we want Good Food Fight to focus on - public health, environmental sustainability, food security and food access, etc. and are there a limited set of lenses to help organize the plethora of pertinent issues we want to include?  What tools will best share content and engage consumers not just as readers, but as citizens?  What strategic partnerships will help our project succeed?  Which individuals and organizations can we get on board early to help create additional channels to reach broader audiences with Good Food Fight? Some we are already reaching out to:  Foodista, a wiki-style hub and resource for food bloggers all over the country and Grist, the groundbreaking online environmental news service.

On a practical level we are also drawing up an RFP for website designers and exploring sources and tools for incorporating both aggregated and original content through our site and campaign.  Our meetings are lively and always leave us with ever-increasing enthusiasm and a sense that we are moving in the right direction.

   • Posted by Kristin Hyde on 01/28 at 11:22 AM