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Amy Pennington

AMY PENNINGTON is a food writer, garden enthusiast and producer for a food-related radio show out of Seattle's KIRO.

Jen Lamson

JEN LAMSON has led numerous grassroots nationwide citizen action campaigns to promote buying from local food producers.

Kristin Hyde

KRISTIN HYDE created and implemented media strategies around the development of the first national organic standard.

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Project Blog: The Good Food Fight

This project will connect consumers interested in food with larger public policy issues that affect food choices, security, safety, health and sustainability. Partners Kristin Hyde, Jen Lamson and Amy Pennington will use their deep experience in policy, marketing, journalism and digital campaigns "to leverage the growing concern and interest in food with a call to arms."

Food Fighting and Education

Friday, August 28, 2009

We heard about the McCormick New Media Women Entrepreneurs grant program and the light bulb went on.  In our shared conference room, light filtering through the windows and casting shadows across the table, we tossed ideas around for our dream-site.  What would we build, if we could?  How would we change the scope of media around the good food movement? 

Putting words to paper, we crafted out ultimate vision for a clever way to begin shifting food-related policy in this country.  Three minds, coming together, with a common goal of turning food consumers into food citizens.  Good Food Strategies & Go Go Green Garden share an office space in Seattle. Jen & I founded Good Food Strategies five years ago with a mission of helping a wide array of partners - from farmers to nonprofits to government to food businesses to philanthropic foundations - take this emerging “good food movement” to the next level.  We work to educate and engage consumers and policymakers with the goal of creating a food system that ensures healthy farms and people. Amy runs GoGo Green Garden, planting edible gardens for people in their backyards. She also founded Urban Garden Share - a website dedicated to matching gardeners with garden space - cooks, and writes about food.  Together, with our activism and Amy’s passion for seasonal whole foods, we have long felt what’s needed is a concerted effort to tap into the growing consumer interest in food. 

We believe food impacts our health and the earth.  Educating people on where their food comes from and how it was produced is a smart way to engage people in understanding the issues at stake when they make food choices.  With our website, The Good Food Fight, we intend to take everyday home cooks interested in supporting a sustainable food system, and turn them into “food citizens” whose choices and actions can influence both the marketplace and the policy arena.  We think “Good Food Fight” will be a dynamic tool for educating and engaging consumers to accomplish this goal and are working now to determine the scope, content and functions of this site. 

Ideas welcome!

Kristin, Jen and Amy

   • Posted by Kristin Hyde on 08/28 at 02:58 PM