Getting women to enter the nation’s newsrooms is only part of the challenge. Keeping them there is a big challenge as well …

… I read the data as suggesting that women have some doubts about the very nature of news work and of the definitions of news itself.  News very often is conflictual. It focuses on social discord, rather than social harmony. It doesn’t always present society with solutions to problems.”

—Lee Becker, NMWE Advisory Board

Below is a compendium of research about the representation of women in the news media, as reporters and editors, producers and directors, students and faculty, managers and guests. What we don’t know – and aim to find out – is how the explosion of new media is changing the news landscape for women. In the face of media consolidation and mega-buyouts, the rise of citizen journalism and multimedia reporting, are more women journalists leaving traditional news operations to launch and lead their own news businesses? Is cyberspace a more welcoming place for women journalists? Are women bringing different news judgment as they conceive new Web sites? What do these trends mean for women consumers of news?