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Karyn Lu

KARYN LU works in the Design Experience Group at, and is the User Experience Lead on, CNN's citizen news initiative. She is passionate about creating a great user experience across multiple disciplines and platforms.

Lila King

LILA KING is an online media producer living in Atlanta. She's pretty sure everyone's story is fascinating if you listen well enough. Echo is all ears.

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Project Blog: Echo

This public art and civic journalism project will produce and collect stories tied to physical locations throughout Atlanta. Signs with Echo phone number and location ID will invite pedestrians and cyclists to access a story about that site via cell phone, podcast or the Web. When a space becomes inscribed with cultural or personal stories, it transforms into a place of significance, said project leaders Lila King and Karyn Lu, movers behind CNNs user-generated site Follow their progress here. Visit their website.

Tons of Updates from Echo

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

There are tons of updates from team Echo! June is going to be a busy month for us, as we are aiming to launch our pilot within the next four to six weeks in the Candler Park neighborhood of Atlanta. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on that. Here are some notes on what we’re working on:

We added a (much-needed) project manager/business manager to our team, Shannon Hubbell. Shannon is a dream come true - she not only keeps all of us on task every week, but she is super smart and full of brilliant ideas. Also, she is incredibly passionate about entrepreneurship (having helped to found two start-ups in the Atlanta area). Shannon is helping us explore whether Echo can become a viable business and, if so, what our business model should be so that we can generate enough money to sustain and grow the project.

We’re reaching out to local organizations and hope to establish partnerships with groups such as Trees Atlanta, PEDS and Atlanta Bicycle Campaign, among others.

We have completed quite a few rounds of story collection and talked to lots of amazing people along the way. (We had a fun afternoon where we simply wandered around the neighborhood and accosted people on their front porches with our recording device.) We have some really fantastic content that we’re currently editing.

We’ve been working with Joe from Art Through Labor ( to do some sign prototyping. Here’s a picture of the latest evolution:

We started a Flickr group! (See directions on our Flickr group page to join.) A Twitter account and Facebook page will be coming soon.

We’re getting ready to reach out to our pilot neighborhoods by attending the Candler Park and Lake Claire neighborhood association meetings in June and July and writing up announcements for their respective newsletters.

And, we’re party planning! We’re hoping to launch with a small early evening tea/cupcake party in each neighborhood, preceded by an afternoon of Echo walking tours. We want the walking tours and party afterwards to be events where neighbors can meet and get to know each other better.

   • Posted by Karyn Lu on 06/02 at 09:59 AM