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Stacey Borden

After working for financial giant Lehman Brothers, Stacey Borden left the finance world to help women across industries, generations and geographies. In addition to working on ChickRx, Borden is also working on her MBA at Harvard Business School.

Meghan Muntean

Currently a portfolio consultant on Wall Street, Muntean graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University in 2006, where she served as Editor-in-Chief of Business Today, the largest college magazine in circulation.

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Harvard MBA student Stacey Borden and partner Meghan Muntean will lead a team of women in launching an “edgy, approachable, engaging” online health resource uniquely targeted to women, ages 18 to 27. It will have content and Q&As;, updated daily, from medical, family and nutrition experts.

How Launching a Startup is Like Your Health

Sunday, May 30, 2010

We’re very excited to launch our beta site soon. We’re currently doing final edits on our content and tweaking the UI. We are also pleased to announce that our business plan made the semi finals in the Harvard Business School business plan contest.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with talented and patient professionals, such as our graphic artist, developer and lawyer. In working with them, we’ve realized how much launching a startup is actually like caring for your health. When you go to the doctor, they know how to treat what’s wrong (hopefully!) and what to look out for. But unless they have all the time in the world to devote to you, there may be some issues to which they just don’t pay much attention. It’s up to you to take ownership over your health and be on top of everything you need to ask or tell your doctor.

Similarly, we’ve discovered how much work on our end actually goes into working with freelancers and outside vendors. It’s up to you to take ownership over your product, make sure you ask all the right questions and get into the weeds to thoroughly review their work and suggest changes. If you care, you can’t just pass off the work and expect everything to be right - you really have to dig into the details.

We never expected launching a website to be a mini education in web design, programming, and law, but we’re proud of all the energy we’ve poured into our passion and grateful for what we’ve learned. We know we’ve barely scratched the surface and are excited to keep learning more.

   • Posted by ChickRx on 05/30 at 09:49 AM

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