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Stacey Borden

After working for financial giant Lehman Brothers, Stacey Borden left the finance world to help women across industries, generations and geographies. In addition to working on ChickRx, Borden is also working on her MBA at Harvard Business School.

Meghan Muntean

Currently a portfolio consultant on Wall Street, Muntean graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University in 2006, where she served as Editor-in-Chief of Business Today, the largest college magazine in circulation.

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Project Blog: ChickRx

Harvard MBA student Stacey Borden and partner Meghan Muntean will lead a team of women in launching an “edgy, approachable, engaging” online health resource uniquely targeted to women, ages 18 to 27. It will have content and Q&As;, updated daily, from medical, family and nutrition experts.

The Idea Behind ChickRx

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The idea for ChickRx came to life over a year ago. After countless Gchat convos with friends, we realized that our peers were constantly turning to each other with health-related concerns (many of which are sensitive, embarrassing, even quirky). For example:

Is it bad to take Plan B more than once? I’ve heard mixed things, is Gardasil safe? Is my Diet Coke habit (4 per day) going to come back to haunt me (i.e., cancer)? The list goes on and on…

Gchat convos with friends are great for making us feel better, but not for providing the answers we need. So what do we do? A Google search, of course… We believed in you, Google, until we started using you for health information. The websites that came up in these searches just couldn’t be trusted. Many were forum based, and we’re not taking health advice from random, unqualified people with creepy usernames and “avatars.” There are great sites like WebMD, but they target everyone and seem to speak to our moms’ generation more than ours. (Our peers aren’t having orgasm issues because they’re post-menopausal.) The tone of these sites also tends to be sterile; they’re just not fun to visit.

We did some research and were shocked to find a dearth of health-focused content for young women on the web. This is a group that is always online, and is first becoming exposed to a lot of important health issues: birth control, STDs, orgasms, alcohol, pot, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, proper nutrition, etc.

We wanted to create a website where young women like us could anonymously ask personal and important health questions and get relateable advice from medical experts. We also wanted an online destination that could inform and entertain us during procrastination time. In addition to being a professional, legitimate resource, the site would be hip, fun, and a little sassy, not taking itself too seriously.

The two of us met during a summer internship in college and knew we’d be business partners someday. ChickRx was the perfect opportunity to begin this partnership. Over the last year, we developed the foundation for ChickRx, and now we’re moving ahead full force to launch the site this fall. We are so grateful to J-Lab and the McCormick Foundation and truly honored to receive this recognition and funding.

   • Posted by ChickRx on 07/28 at 12:24 PM