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Jordan Young and Selena Fragassi
Jordan Young works at the Knight Lab at Northwestern University. Selena Fragassi is Chicago Magazine's pop/rock critic.

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Project Blog: Boxx Magazine

A newly launched site to cover women artists who are shaping the music industry. Launching Boxx are Jordan Young of the Knight Lab at Northwestern University and Selena Fragassi, Chicago Magazine's pop/rock critic.

Boxx Magazine Harnesses Eventbrite and GoFundMe

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Tasked with raising $2,000 to leverage a matching amount, Boxx Magazine, the online music magazine for women artists, has turned to GoFundMe for crowd funding and to Eventbrite for an event to help make the match.

Boxx magazine, which launched last year with a $12,000 J-Lab Women Media Entrepreneur award, will receive another $2,000 if it can raise the same amount from others.

Fourteen days into its GoFundMe campaign, Boxx as of Feb. 4 had raised more than $1,300 from 37 people.


   • Posted by Selena Fragassi on 02/05 at 10:07 AM