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Jordan Young and Selena Fragassi
Jordan Young works at the Knight Lab at Northwestern University. Selena Fragassi is Chicago Magazine's pop/rock critic.

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Project Blog: Boxx Magazine

A newly launched site to cover women artists who are shaping the music industry. Launching Boxx are Jordan Young of the Knight Lab at Northwestern University and Selena Fragassi, Chicago Magazine's pop/rock critic.

Tips for Finding the Right Interns for your Startup

Thursday, November 21, 2013

By Jordan Young

There has been some controversy recently about unpaid internships, mainly in the fashion industry, but problems can occur in any industry. Be appreciative of your interns’ time and willingness to help your company succeed. If you are an organization that does not possess the financial stability to hire employees then internships are the best option you’ve got. Sure finding people with suitable skills who are willing to devote some of their time can work out, but often these people are extremely busy with their own projects and jobs that pay them and thus take priority.

Here's how we brought on our first two amazing interns at Boxx.


   • Posted by Selena Fragassi on 11/21 at 12:14 PM

Building Momentum at Boxx

Monday, November 11, 2013

By Selena Fragassi

In the past few months, Boxx has maintained a strong editorial calendar with an equal mix of hearty features/interviews, album reviews, concert reviews and book reviews as we initially promised to our readers when we first launched. As well, the addition of intern Gillian McGhee has allowed us to maintain our regular channel of Videos of the Day and the addition of intern Dana Getz has provided for regular news postings three times per week. We have operated on a schedule of posting new content every day, sometimes multiple pieces per day, which has given readers the impetus to revisit us with the trust that our content will be consistently updated. It has also given Boxx credibility as a verifiable source of exclusive and relevant content.

Of significance, we have landed access to notable artists such as Riot Grrrl pioneer Kathleen Hanna, up-and-coming L.A. rock band Deap Vally and arguably 2013’s best new artist, Savages. In the fall, we also wrapped up our festival coverage with Riot Fest, which capped a great season of intense, comprehensive previews and reviews of SXSW, Pitchfork Music Fest, Lollapalooza and Outside Lands. Ground coverage and video interviews gave us a strong push and visible presence (we had branded T-shirts we wore and gave out to interviewees). I understand not every outlet was given credentials, but we were able to secure our spots, which gives us leverage to grow on these opportunities for next year. Jordan and I have begun discussing how we contribute to the overall festival experience next year, with such ideas as media tents, Wi-Fi branded sponsorship and day parties being considered.

In assessing our web traffic reports, we uncovered a significant appeal for our video interviews (our Sky Ferreira episode received 10,000 views alone!). We plan on continuing this series on a regular basis and are considering moving to a more considerable video platform in the near future.

In the past months, we’ve instituted new regular features such as our Video of the Day Throwback Thursday series, which gives us a chance to revisit some of the important music videos of the not-so-distant pass; as well, we launched “This Week in Women’s Music History,” which profiles an important historical moment and analyzes how it is relevant to today’s modern female musician. We also instituted a new section called InBoxx, which focuses on women inside the music industry who are the cogs and wheels behind the system. So far we have profiled Danger Village PR owner Beth Martinez and 18 Love music app developer Natalie Edell.

In the coming weeks, we’ll develop our well-rounded coverage of the “Best of 2013” lists and features – these features routinely do well for other publications, and we will enter the forum with our own picks while looking forward to another strong year in 2014.

   • Posted by Selena Fragassi on 11/11 at 09:42 AM