J-Lab helps news organizations and citizens use new media technologies to create fresh ways for people to participate in public life. It spotlights dynamic news experiences and helps to develop interactive news ideas that not only educate people about public affairs but also invite their participation, and it rewards cutting-edge innovations through the Knight-Batten Awards for Innovations in Journalism. It also offers micro grants for citizen media start-ups through its New Voices program and administers the Knight Citizen News Network.


Knight Citizen News Network

A self-help portal that guides both ordinary citizens and traditional journalists in launching and responsibly operating community news and information sites. It seeks to help build capacity for citizens who want to start their own news ventures and to open the doors to citizen participation for traditional news organizations seeking to embrace user-generated content.

J-New Voices Logo

New Voices

An incubator for pioneering community news ventures in the United States. It helps fund the start-up of innovative micro-local news projects. It spotlights independent citizens media initiatives. And it provides technical support with online training in creating, developing and sustaining Web sites grounded in journalism ethics.

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A how-to site for community journalism, J-Learning is designed to help individuals, civic groups and school groups jumpstart their own community media projects. Here, you’ll find extensive, detailed training in Web site creation, HTML, page designe and use of photos, audio, video, animation, surveys and databases. The site also offers tips on advertising and fundraising.