The last weekend of Feburary 2014, the LGBT Media Journalists Convening had a new face at the table. Sarah Toce, New Media Women Entrepreneur 2010 winner and founder/publisher of The Seattle Lesbian, represented her organization at the conference in Washington, DC. Her presence at the invitation-only convening shows how The Seattle Lesbian is becoming a powerful voice in the LGBT media world. 

This year’s conference was the fifth of its kind hosted by the Association of LGBT Journalists (NLGJA). The theme was “Honing Our Game,” demonstrating NLGJA’s efforts to empower journalists with the tools needed to effectively discuss issues within the community. The weekend included networking events around Washington, DC, panel discussions, and visits to national landmarks. Attendees used the hashtag #LGBTMedia14 to share their experience on Twitter.

Toce told The Seattle Lesbian: ““This is The Seattle Lesbian’s first time at the table and we are thrilled to be a part of such a prestigious and passionate group of journalists.

In August, she will also be attending the NLGJA’s National Convention & LGBT Media Summit in Chicago.