The next issue of Symbolia,  the comics journalism magazine, is  looking to tell all. This issue will focus on thoughtful, revealing, and sometimes humorous first-person memoirs.

We’re looking for stories of fundamental change, rites of passage, and personal transformation. Think secret lives, travels, survival, adventure, perseverance, and coming to know oneself. This issue will build on a strong tradition of autobiographical comics and zines.

We hope to push the boundaries for interactive content in this issue and look forward to pitches with intriguing ideas for sounds, animation, and other elements that will enhance the story. We’re looking for writers, artists, and journalists with experience crafting interactive content. We will pay special attention to pitches for global stories. Note that all work will be fact-checked and will need to be well-documented. Symbolia pays creators for their work.

The deadline to submit a pitch for this issue is FRIDAY, AUGUST 9.

Learn more here:



And here’s a direct link to the pitch form:

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