Kojo Nnamdi Kojo Nnamdi The big fun this month was our appearance on The Kojo Nnamdi show. During a half-hour spot with the WAMU radio host, Bonny Wolf and Michele Kayal discussed half-smokes, horseradish and our American food heritage. Kojo kindly helped us promote stories on the site, such as one about switchel (think Shaker Gatorade) and asked listeners to call in with story ideas. We’re hoping we may have talked him into doing a video for My American Roots.

We’ve also seen increased reader engagement in the last couple of weeks. One reader asked us to help her find a recipe for her grandmother’s brown bread baked in a coffee can. We happily plunged in, and even launched a new feature called “Found Recipes.” (Current reader request: peanut soup.) We’ve also received several contributions to our summer slideshow campaign on farmer’s markets. Entries have come from readers in New York, Virginia and North Carolina.