Deciding our original “First Person Female” name was too wordy, we’ve come up with something shorter:  “Shebooks,” as in short e-books for women. Our taglline: Every woman has a story.

We also brought in a third partner, Rachel Greenfield, who has deep publishing experience with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Ziff-Davis.  We have created an LLC and are now working through our web and tech options.

We are finding the world of technology platforms for e-readers to be complex and confusing. The easy plug-and play solutions are created by companies that would gladly eat up a huge percentage of our sales.  We are committed not only to publishing women writers, but paying them good money for their hard work.

Initially, we have to be lean. We’ve been interviewing tech teams and exploring off-the-shelf solutions.  We plan to format our e-books for Kindle and Nook as well as for our own proprietary e-reader.  We plan to build mobile and tablet apps and equip our website for e-commerce options – both single sales and subscriptions.

Still, various technology partners have various approaches. Some want to license their technology, another wants to take a revenue share on all sales, some will take equity in a new company.  With all the options, we are now working on how much to bite off at once: Do we build for launch or for the volume we could have in two years?

Meanwhile, we have hired a designer for our logo and website and signed up dozens of women eager to write short memoirs, fiction or long-form journalism. We are also finalizing promotional plans with women’s magazines and websites to make the biggest possible splash at launch.