founder Jeanne Pinder is partnering with WNYC to map both the costs of birth-control pills and mammograms with crowdsourced information in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Check out the maps here:

clearhealthcosts-brian-lehrerShe talked about the new initiative on the May 3 Brian Lehrer Show. The cash or self-pay prices for birth control pills at various pharmacies in the New York region can vary widely, she says in her blog. Costs for one pill, Tri-Sprintec 28, ranged from $9 to $63; another, Yaz-28, ranged from $68 to $112, she reports.

The goal of is to add transparency to the cost of every-day medical procedures and jtems.

Pinder says the site has also recently added information from San Francisco and Los Angeles and more cities are on the way.