Bonny Wolf, Michelle Kayal and Dominica Marchetti.

We’ve had a couple of big weeks at AFR.

In early May, we were panelists at the Food Book Fair in New York, where we discussed food and culture with a nearly sold-out audience. We talked to people until we were hoarse at our booth the following day, and collected more than three dozen new subscribers to our newsletter. Enticements during our panel, a trip to Smorgasburg (Brooklyn’s hip, outdoor food court) and lots of charm at our booth landed us more than 20 new videos for My American Roots.

During the same weekend, we had a 45-minute interview with Heritage Radio Network that should air soon. We hope some of their 3 million listeners will join the site. Heritage Radio also expressed an interest in working with us in the future.

On the money and marketing front, a brainstorming session with M&R Strategic Services (another favor from a friend) provided excellent ideas for driving more traffic to the site. We’re in conversation about an AFR imprint with a major publisher of antiquarian and American books, and hope this might produce a steady source of revenue.