I have shut down my old site and fixed the issues with the new Squarespace site. Not that the site is done but I now have a foundation to build on with all of my old pages/post moved over. Adding new projects pages, interactive galleries or even another blog is a pretty straight forward process and now that they are opening Squarespace 6 up to the developer community I expect to see more features and templates to integrate in to my site. The switch also saves me nearly 90% on the cost of hosting my blog while still keeping my site reliable regardless of how big or how much bandwidth I need.

As for the Guide, I am planning to work with a private label publishing firm (Worthy Shorts) to not only print the copies I need but also create and sell an e-book version via Apple iBookstore and/or Amazon. This will make my guide more accessible to more people while let me test-the-waters to find out if I can reach an audience beyond my blog. The ebook markets is growing at a spectacular rate but until very recently it was not set up to accommodate a “picture” book in color. So with the sales of color tablets increasing, I hope to find out if my data graphics have a place in the ebook market place. 

But my immediate goal is to find a copy editor, someone with experience working on economic articles. While I have been asking my friends and family to read though the book, I won’t feel it is done until I get that disinterested but critical eye on the text, someone to look for consistency in tone and terminology, spelling and grammar in both the text and the graphics themselves. 

Finally, the VisualizingEconomics t-shirts will be ordered this week. I have be waiting for my backers to give me their information but with most of the replies in, I need to go ahead and place the order with CustomInk. Whether I continue to sell t-shirts remains to be seen. I have found that selling posters through my site fairly straight forward process but the packing and mailing more problematic. I need both the space to store the product but also I have to be there to mail it and I don’t sell enough at this time to outsource the work to someone else, i.e. Amazon.