This month I have been proofing the Income Guide and gathering feedback from everyone. And since I will be delivering a T-shirt to my Kickstarter backers, I have created a design and found a interesting service online called to print them at a discount and still get different sizes and color, which gives me the maximum flexibility. I have not designed a T-shirt before but I am having fun figuring out how to place a infographic on a piece of clothing. 

Also, I am working on my new website which entails learning the ins and outs of Squarespace while converting my old blog from WordPress. The new site needs to support multiple uses: a place for me to share old projects (portfolio), offer items for sale (posters, books, t-shirts) or let people donate, a blog for me to share what I am working on now and a section to explain what I do. I expect to change the design over the next year as I see how the site is used and make adjustments. I hope to make a site that is flexible enough that I can try different approaches (subscription, donation, sales etc…) without a lot of custom coding.

Unlike a traditional blog where I am locked into a format of reverse chronological blog posts, Squarespace was designed not just for hosting a single blog but can support multiple blogs at the same site and publish projects in a portfolio. (However, the developer tools are not ready yet, which is a little frustrating). It is also cheaper for me to host my work so long-term. I will save money even if I get 10 times the traffic I get now. While I considered hiring someone to set up my site, I realized I wanted to learn to use Squarespace so I can experiment with the site myself.

BTW, the difficulties I have converting my old blog to Squarespace are almost resolved. I ended up creating a workaround for myself by exporting only the published blog posts from my self-hosted WordPress, then importing the attached xml file into a site. Finally I used Squarespace’s WordPress import tool to import the posts from into my Squarespace site. However, it looks like some of the image files will break as they are pointed back to the original web site so I will need to replace the links in the exported xml file to point to my Amazon S3 folder where I am going to host the images from the old blog for now (at least until Squarespace figures out how to convert these image links in bulk to their “images blocks” format, which will give me the full functionality when displaying my images).