We’ve been crazy busy!

We just participated in Women’s Demo Night, sponsored by New York Tech Meetup and Change The Ratio. You can read all about our well-received pitch here!

Jeanne Pinder - NYTMThat experience caused us to go live with a not-quite-finished product at clearhealthcosts.com, but the splash we made was exciting enough to the audience that we got a pitch spot scheduled for Sept. 11.

It’s the best startup publicity you can get in New York. Here we are on their front page: http://nytm.org/


We’re also in the process of branching out! We’ve got an easy cookbook for expanding to other cities, and we’re looking for partners! We have partnerships in the making in various cities (Boston, maybe Washington, NYC, a southern state I can’t name right now), and a lot of interest from other quarters. An NYC venture firm reached out to us, and while I don’t think we will be their cup of tea — too early! too embryonic! — it’s nice to be invited to meetings.

Now that we’ve made a tool that is ready for partnerships, we’re currently looking for anyone who might be a good partner for things like consulting, eyeballs, revenue, and data collection. Any recommendations people have would be great!  Introductions welcome!