I have finally added my last remaining topics to the Income Guide, including unemployment, demographic data, share of GDP for major industry sectors, and, most importantly, maps showing the geography of income in the United States. In each case, I needed to reach out to others to help me complete the pages or else perform additional research, which is why these topics took the longest. While I didn’t want to start any new pages this late in the project, I am glad I got them in since they were on my list of topics I felt I needed to cover.

Now that I have a working draft, I can write the summary text to help link the sections together and provide an overview to the book and to the data sources. Also with the bulk of the infographics done, I started to focus on making edits to each graphic to create a coherent design across the whole book. I have reordered the pages (again) to ensure that the flow of the book makes sense. While each of the pages in the Income Guide will stand alone, my hope from the beginning was to have them fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, so that one graphic complements and informs the other.

Finally, I have begun to think about my next project as I expect to have this finished ready to promote and sell on my newly designed web site this fall. Whether this project will be for a client or a new illustrated guide, I am not sure.  It will depend on the reception I receive for “An Illustrated Guide to Income” and whether I will be able to raise additional funding.