This month I focused on selling posters; creating new infographics for the Income Guide and looking for a replacement for my current WordPress blog.

So far I have sold 12 posters, a few orders still come in each week even a month after the initial launch of the online store. I printed a 100 posters but I hoped to sell at least 50 before September (then perhaps a back-to-school sale if my inventory is still high). It looks like CPAs and financial advisors are the main customers right now which makes sense given the poster is about tax rates. The longer-term question is how to market to them beyond my blog and Google Ads?

I am currently planing a redesign of my website to support the launch of my new Income Guide. I am sketching out ideas and looking at other site for examples of what I like. I have used WordPress since first launching my blog in 2006 but I want to customize the design in ways WordPress is not designed for. While I know HTML/CSS, I also know that to create a new theme for the blog would require a lot of work on my part or else I would need to hire a developer. I want to be able to maintain and make changes to it in the future which would be difficult if I simply outsource the development. For that reason I have be thinking about moving out of WordPress altogether and am currently looking at SquareSpace as a possible alternative.

Finally, I have started to finalize the graphics for the Guide there are over 100 pages and while I need to complete a few more I hope to lock down the scope of the Guide soon and focus on writing the text to accompanying the graphics.