As I get closer to finishing my Illustrated Guide to Income, I am focusing more on the marketing and publicizing side of the business. This includes giving a presentation a few weeks ago to the financial community here in New York at The Big Picture conference. I was first on the schedule which meant I could relax during the rest of the conference. Also I had a chance to show my work and get feedback at the breaks from people who had not see it before.

In addition, I applied for and received a SxSW 2012 Scholarship which was created “to recognize individuals from all sectors and from anywhere in the world who are using new media to push the boundaries of tackling community problems.” With a ticket to SxSW conference in Austin, TX next March, I hope to meet other people in the startup community tackling issues in the areas of journalism and data visualization.

Finally, with the Occupy Wall Street putting a spotlight on the unequal distribution of income, I posted a teaser to my web site, a new data graphic which looks at the Top 0.01% (not just the Top 1%). You can see it for yourself at