We’ve now got the wind behind our sails and would like to report on recent developments with ParentPathway.com.  We have had a soft launch and are now attracting new subscribers to the Parents Seeking Serenity blog; our Ask the Expert feature has received some submissions; and we’ve received very good feedback from users who have found our site.

Keeping the content fresh is a requirement and a challenge.  We recently posted Part 1 of an interview with Joyce Mitchell, the producer of our Collision Course documentary. (You can watch Collision Course here), and we plan to conduct our next interview via videotape or audiotape.  Once we have developed a good following, we plan to offer webinars by experts, such as an expert in the abuse of over-the-counter drugs.

We will soon develop the marketing plan for our site.  Who can benefit from the information we provide?  Parents, certainly. What about rehabs?  Hospitals?  Associations of counselors and physicians? We will be brainstorming soon about the best ways to reach these audiences.

We need to fine-tune the monetization of our site.  We have listed some great books in our Resources page, and we need to finalize our affiliate marketing relationships. We also plan to post links to affiliate marketers who sell drug test kits and small drug safes (www.RxDrugSafe.com).

We continue to work out the kinks on the technical side.  Our site is complex with a lot of back-end intelligence, and it is time-consuming to trouble-shoot some of the puzzling glitches we have encountered.  In spite of the little issues,  we are very happy with the progress we have made on ParentPathway.com.