It is a very exciting time for the Parent Pathway team!  We have official launched our new website –

We consider this phase a ‘soft launch’ which means it is live on the internet and fully functional but we are not going to advertise the site for the first couple of weeks.  We will be going through the site and have identified parents who will use the site and give us feedback on issues.  This way we will be able to make sure that any problems not caught in the pre-release phase testing are identified. 

We have had many delays in our release of the website.  Our main delay has been underestimating the amount of work on our project team’s side versus our web developer’s side.  There have been many points along our timeline where the content has held up the development side.  While this must seem obvious in a project of this sort, it still eluded us along the way.  Our team is a group of very capable professionals with a mixture of skills and experience, yet each of us has responsibilities that have competed with the workload of our project.

Nevertheless, we have focused and got the work done.  Of course, launching the website and working through any technical issues is only one side of the equation.  Just as important, we are working on our processes.  What happens when a question comes through ‘Ask the Expert’?  How will it flow to our experts and then be posted on the website?  How will we receive and post ‘Stories of Hope’?  How is our Meeting in a Box purchase working?  All of these are areas that we have created process and procedures for along with key personnel to manage them.  We know that having the website is step one but how we interact and serve our visitors will be crucial to the success of our project.

After we work through our website and processes to ensure they are robust and without issues our next step will be the ‘grand opening’ launch.  We have three weeks until the grand opening.  The date is set for Sept 26th in order to be prepared to advertise in conjunction with an event premiering the new documentary Collision Course – Teen Addiction Epidemic.  We are focused and enthusiastic as we enter into this exciting phase!