I’m still in the phase of figuring out the details of my project. My original pitch was to create a more interactive mobile version of a website for a hyperlocal news organization run out of UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. I have decided on Oakland North for the time being, as they have an active mobile population that wouldn’t be too overwhelming for a first run (as opposed to Richmond Confidential, which has little mobile activity, and Mission Local, which has too much).

According to a recent PEW report, “28 percent of all American adults use mobile or social location-based services of some kind.” This makes me happy.

My current plan is to explore geolocation as a way to filter information. I think the people who already go to a hyperlocal news site would be interested to see what’s happening at a neighborhood level. And if you were out on the town, wouldn’t you like to know if the restaurant you’re waiting in line for was recently shut down for a health code violation?

The news organization really pushing geotagged news is the Las Vegas Sun. I’m trying to chat with them to see what is working for them.

My goals in the next few weeks will be to continue to research and interview people to storyboard what’s been tried, what works and what does not. I’m also evaluating 3 mobile sites a week (doesn’t have to be news) to examine mobile design aesthetics, test usability and see who is innovating content display on a mobile device.