We are so close to the finish line that we can almost taste it now!  Our web design is complete, we have finalized most of our content, and we are taking a final pass to make sure everything is working as planned.  Along the way, we have found that things tend to take much longer than expected, which is frustrating because we are anxious to launch but want everything to be right. At the same time, we realize that our site is a work in progress and we will continue to fine-tune it over time.

Our design has struck the balance we were aiming for, with a color scheme and design that should appeal to both moms and dads.  We have integrated dynamic flash elements that keep the page vibrant and interesting. The content seems to flow in a logical manner.  We do plan to add some affiliate marketing links (to RxDrugSafe.com, Barnes and Noble, and a drug test kit company) that will make it easy for parents to make purchases confidentially.

We expect to finalize everything and launch our Beta site by mid-August; until then, take a look at the screen shot of our Parent Pathway home page to get a sense of what is in store.