We are continuing with our full court press to complete the web design and content so we can launch the Parent Pathway beta test site within the next month.  One unexpected snag:  we found that our original web page design lacked the vibrant and dynamic sense of “connection” we were looking for.  Because we felt that the design would fail to create a “trusted advisor” relationship with our readers, we went back to the drawing board to some extent to infuse it with energy and connection.  Our requested changes were more than cosmetic and required rework on the back end which ended up being very time-consuming.  We are so fortunate to work with a web designer who shares our passion and our vision.  While she is flexible and accommodating, the changes consumed an unexpected amount of time.  We have been delighted to find that the rework has paid off—the revised web page creates a dynamic connection with the reader, and our team is excited about the results.

From the content perspective, our team is taking a “divide and conquer” approach to complete the content necessary for the Phase One launch.  While some of our experts are already lined up, we need to formalize our agreement with others, so each team member is now tapping an expert or two on the shoulder to firm up their commitment.  We also continue to divvy up the creation of the “meetings in a box” which are proving to be more time-consuming than expected.  Our “brand” design for the meetings in a box is under development, and we plan to format the Meetings in a Box, turn them into a PDF and then turn them over to our web designer.

Many other little details need to be ironed out, but when this project is complete, we are confident that we will deliver a credible and much-needed resource for parents everywhere.