Things have been gaining momentum with Investigative Mommy Blogger. I now have three bloggers hired, and just posted an investigative piece, “The Truth About Chain Restaurant Children’s Meals.” The post has gotten a lot of attention, including 24 tweets with the link on Twitter and 25 Facebook shares. The tweets included some great recommendations to read the piece, such as “Wow! Eye opening!” “Just read!” and “An absolute must read!”

We were struggling a bit with Jen Lee Reeves and I doing this part-time and trying to balance short posts with investigations, so I hired two “breaking news bloggers.” Their responsibility is posting curated breaking news of interest to moms. This is now giving us not only daily posts in the breaking news area, but also frees Jen and I to focus exclusively on investigations. With the addition of the new bloggers, Amanda Henson and Dianna Brodine, we have posts six days a week on the site.

Jen has two investigations under way, and will be posting soon as she sees which one comes together quickest. I have begun work on another investigation, and expect it to run within the next two to three weeks.

I am going to make that much bigger social media push this month now that we will have a feed with daily posts and will have at least two investigative pieces this month. Beyond the social media push, I am also going to work hard get more RSS feed subscribers (especially via email subscription) as well as email newsletter subscribers.

I think we’ll get a lot of clicks as we are reporting these breaking and investigative news posts. The addition of breaking news posts seems to be connecting well with moms on social networks, as I had some Facebook comments on a couple recent posts (such as the one on Nintendo 3DS being harmful to children age 6 and under) and some Twitter conversation regarding the post about children receiving so much radiation via X-rays at a young age. It is my understanding Investigative Mommy Blogger is the only site focusing entirely on news of interest to moms.