Work on the Mobile Black History App is underway. I’ve partnered with a Boulder start-up called BloomWorlds to develop the augmented reality app that will guide users to interesting places in the nation’s capital where African American history took place. BloomWorlds’ founder Darrell Brogdon is a talented programmer who got his start at the company that became McAfee and then with Linden Labs, the makers of Second Life.  He’s done a number of iPhone apps, is a serial entrepreneur and, like me, a history buff.

I’m going through the often-tedious task of tracking down longitude and latitude for all of the notable (and not so well known but still significant) places where black history happened in D.C.  Aside from Google Earth and Wikipedia, if anybody knows of a better source for coordinates, please let me know.

We are still planning to have a working version ready in late fall and the app ready for a Black History Month 2011 debut.

At the same time, the New Media Innovation Lab – my fulltime gig—is working on several other mobile apps, so continuing to experiment with projects for Android, iPhone and iPad.