As co-founders of a site about young women’s health, we have a lot to choose from. But our favorite dirty word is…. networking.

Sometimes the N word gets a bad rap, but networking isn’t just about schmoozing and BS. When you meet someone important, figure out a sincere question with which you can follow up. If you’re wracking your brain for too long, don’t waste that person’s time.

But just as important to networking is the seemingly non-important people. Some of our best milestones have materialized because of friends our age.

We’ve kept in touch with a friend who worked at back when we were interns. She’s the one who told us about the New Media Women competition!

A close friend is a creative writer who put us in touch with her literary agent. ChickRx coming to Barnes & Noble and the Kindle soon! (Not really, but one day we’ll be able to say that.)

Lunch to Launch, an NYC networking group for female entrepreneurs, led us to an amazing web designer.

A friend from an undergraduate club invited us to speak at NY Social Media Week.

Starting a new venture can monopolize your attention. But don’t forget to keep in good touch with your friends and keep expanding your social circle. It’ll keep you happy and sane, and maybe even help advance your business.