When we met four years ago, we were both 21-year-old interns at 85 Broads, a global professional women’s network. That summer was life-changing for both of us. The inspirational founder of 85 Broads and our mentor, Janet Hanson, taught us to think about things differently. While most of our peers were learning the ins and outs of PowerPoint and Excel, we were getting a taste of the bigger picture. Janet spoke about the importance of owning and creating, of having a platform, and of partnership. We’d like to talk about the last one.

The most successful people Janet knew all understood the power of partnership. We invest in ourselves by working hard to go to a good college, by extracting all we can out of our educations, and by rising to (rather than avoiding) professional challenges. But it shouldn’t stop there. When you invest in a partner and cultivate a powerful team from a young age the possibilities are limitless.

We knew after working together that summer that we wanted to be business partners someday. We had professional disagreements all the time, but respected each other’s talents and opinions more than anyone’s. Our creative tensions have been the greatest gift for ChickRx and our future endeavours together. Working alone, neither of us would have experienced the intellectual and creative challenges that have led to our best ideas and outcomes.

By working together, we are doing more than creating a strong team with complementary skill sets. We’re building a foundation for a lifetime of joint endeavours, each making the bet that my partner is someone whose success I truly believe in.