echo-26apr09-signs3Karyn and I stopped by our friend Joe’s shop this week to talk through some options for Echo signs and got to watch a few of them materialize before our eyes. (Note Karyn’s awesome photos!)

Joe owns a local design-build shop that makes furniture and signs and full-scale installations for places all over town, so he’s got some pretty nifty equipment, including a machine that makes incredibly precise cuts in all kinds of materials. To give us an idea of what he can do, Joe cut a few variations on our logo out of some metal sheeting.

Signs 4One thing we learned today: for all our experience in building web pages, we don’t know a whole lot about the way designs work in physical space. Joe asked us lots of questions about how we expected people to spot and interact with the signs, which naturally included notions of readability and distance and dimensionality, none of which figures a whole lot in the 2D world of our beloved monitors.

Joe kindly offered to give the logo and signs some thought and come back with a few options for us to consider. For now, we’re thinking of going with signs in the shape of the “o” in our logo, so it looks kind of like web-map pins coming up out of the ground in real life. Cool, right?

SignsSigns 2