Come visit us at We quietly launched in November 2008 and with feedback from friends we made some significant changes in January 2009.

We adjusted the design of the page so you no longer scroll in the boxes. Instead you just click to read more.  We also have added a Latina Voices photo gallery on Flickr and a Latina Voices video archive on YouTube that send direct feeds to the site. Overall, it makes the site easier to read and more vibrant.

Our most recent story posts include a piece by Araceli Arroyo called “Regrets of a Monolingual Childhood.” It’s about being Latina but not speaking Spanish. We also published a feature story by Judi Ruiz-Branch on the new Aztec exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago. I also wrote a column on the growing number of hate crimes against Latinos.

We have been gradually posting content but expect to significantly increase the output in February. I will be working with 12 students at Columbia College Chicago who will take a Latina Voices class I’ve created and write directly for the site.

I also am still working to reach out to writers and mentors outside of Chicago. I already have heard from women in Texas, Florida, New York and Washington, D.C. who want to participate.

I also am in the process of creating a Facebook page and Twitter account to help promote the site.

I hope that in this new year we will be able to give greater voice to stories by and about Latina women.