We laid low for a couple of weeks while we worked like crazy at our day jobs and did some lovely traveling (Seattle and fabulous Brazil), but last week Echo was back in full force.

The first order of business is a massive flowchart for the voice xml system that will power the mobile phone element of Echo. It gave us a new respect for those automated customer service lines (press “1” to get some help already, “2” to hear these options again …). Our idea is fairly simple – hear a story or leave one – but thinking through all the options, and then mapping them out in a way that wouldn’t be completely confusing to someone standing on a street corner with a cell phone is anything but. We feel good about where we landed, though, and made an important decision in the process. We’re going to organize Echo stories around two main principles: neighborhood and emotion. More on that coming soon.

Also, we met an incredible woman at a little gift shop in Candler Park, very near where we started the Echo pilot program. It turns out that she’s the local neighborhood historian, the woman who spends her days running a gift shop and her nights poring over old letters at the Hargrett Rare Book Library at the University of Georgia. She’s kindly promised to give us and our tape recorder a walking tour of the neighborhood. We’ll try to set that up this week, and hope to have our first batch of pilot-ready stories for our first neighborhood shortly after.