This weekend is going to be a busy one for us. We’re going to be conducting a series of interviews in the lovely Lake Claire neighborhood of Atlanta, where we plan to chat with members of a cohouse, someone who calls himself “Treeman” (he teaches people how to climb trees!), and folks attending a drum circle at the Lake Claire Land Trust. In addition to the stories we’ll be producing, we’re going to gather stories from locals about why specific spots are meaningful to them. We can’t wait to hear the stories from this neighborhood. The content we get from the Lake Claire community is going to serve as our pilot and proof of concept.

In the meantime, getting together to talk about Echo is often the highlight of our day! The two of us have been meeting for breakfast every other Wednesday at one of our favorite spots in Atlanta, Ria’s Bluebird (an institution), to discuss Echo. It’s definitely going to become a fun tradition throughout this project.

The response among our friends has also been enthusiastic. Every time we talk about Echo, someone comes up with a brilliant new suggestion or direction for us. As a result, we’ve decided to host a series of brainstorming sessions. The idea is to gather some friends and colleagues who are all creative in different ways, chat about Echo, and see what sparks. Our first brainstorming session is going to take place next Monday evening over dinner. The group will include artists, journalists, web producers, an urban planner, a philosophy professor, and a bicycle tour guide. We’ll share some of the great ideas that come out of these gatherings soon.